Do you take care of your pet? Who cares.. Take care..

I´m sure you have already heard these expressions.

They all related to word CARE.


  • Care  (v)- to be interested in something or feel upset about something or to feel that something is important

I love to care about my child.

Nobody cares about global warming.

I don´t care about your opinion!


  • Care ( n) to protect something or someone or to take special attention

We´ll take care of them.

  • Careful (adj) trying to avoid negative things, such as accident or mistake, to be more aware of things you doing

Be careful when driving for such a long time.

You need to be more careful about what you saying.

  • Careless (adj) you either have no worries or you don´t pay attention at all

He lives his careless life without any responsibility at all.

You are careful about everyone else, but careless about yourself.

  • Carer (n)( caretaker) a person who looks after old or sick people

Ashley has been working as a carer since 2010.


  • Take care (idiom)– to be careful or to be responsible for , protect  something or somebody

Take care or you will slip on the wet floor.

I will take care of your dog when you not here.


  • Who cares? Indefinite answer , similar to whatever

Many people are suffering from hunger, but who cares?

  • Concern ( synonym) to interest or engage

Suprisingly, his main concern was that project has been done by external company.

  • Ignore( opposite) not interested, refusing to hear or see, to refuse

He has ignored all my advices.

Please do not ignore my emails!