In the fitness centre

In this lesson I will help you to learn some common expressions about exercising, fitness and gym equipment.

You will also learn how to explain your fitness goals to a personal trainer.

Are you ready?


Zašiel by som do posilňovne – I feel like going to the gym.

Kde si tu môžeme zacvičiť? – Where can we get some workout here?

Máte tu nejaké posilňovacie stroje? – Do you have any fitness machines here?

Cvičíte pravidelne? – Do you work out on a regular basis?

Cvičím tak trikrát týždenne – I work out about three times a week.

Snažím sa nabrať svalovú hmotu – I try to gain some muscles.

Môžete mi ukázať nejaké cviky na nohy? – Can you show me some leg exercises?

Chcel by som posilniť plecia – I would like to strengthen my shoulders.

Aké sú najlepšie cviky na brucho? – What are the best exercises for the abs?

Môžem si zabehať na páse? – Can I do some running on the treadmill?

Môžem si na chvíľu vziať túto lavicu/jednoručku? – Can I have the bench/dumbbell for a sec?

Koľko váži tá činka? – How much does this dumbbell weigh?

Koľko opakovaní/sérií mám robiť? – How many repetitions/sets should I do?

Zvyčajne robím 3 série po 10 opakovaniach – I usually do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Skúsim niečo ľahšie/ťažšie – I will try something lighter/heavier.

Koľko sed-ľahov by som mal robiť? – How many situps should I do?

Koľko urobíš zhybov (na hrazde)? – How many pull-ups can you do?

Môžeš ma istiť? – Could you spot for me?

Na ktoré svaly je tento cvik? – What muscles does this exercise work?

Kedy sa mám nadýchnuť? – When do I breathe in?

Už nevládzem – I can´t any more.

Môžem si tu kúpiť nejaký proteinový nápoj? – Can I buy a protein drink here?

Kde sú tu sprchy? – Where are the showers?



A conversation between Alice (A) and Brenda (B) about getting in shape:


A: Hi Brenda! You look great. Have you been working out?

B: Thanks, Alice. Yes, I needed to get in shape.

A: You are always trying to keep fit. Good for you. Can you suggest a good way to work out?

B: Well, first always remember to warm up before exercising.

A: Okay. Are cardio exercises, like running, good for a warm up?

B: Yes, but you do not want to increase your heart rate too fast, so maybe start out slow.

A: Got it! Any suggestions for abs workout?

B: Try to do different things – do sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups and squats. A little bit of everything.

A: Thanks. Hopefully, I’ll get in shape soon.